FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

The NodeXL Graph Gallery is a collection of network data sets and visualizations created with NodeXL.

What is NodeXL?

NodeXL is an add-in for Excel that extends the familiar spreadsheet so that it can collect, analyze, visualize and create a report about connected structures ("networks").

What is a network?

A network is any collection of connections among a population of people or things. For example, when a population of people is connected by relationships they form a web of ties that have a shape or structure. Words, computers, businesses, and nations can all have connections with one another.

What is network analysis?

Networks can be analyzed to measure their size and shape as well as the location of each person or thing in the network relative to all the others. Groups, clusters, regions or neighborhoods can be identified, Network science studies the properties of connected structures.

What is social network analysis?

Any network that includes people can be thought of as a social network. Social networks are formed whenever people interact or exchange with one another. Social network analysis applies network analysis methods to populations of people to reveal people with greatest influence, major groups or divisions, and the people who bridge those divides.

Where can I learn more about network analysis?

A good history of network science:

The Development of Social Network Analysis

What is social media network analysis?

All social media form networks. As people link, like, friend, follow, and favorite, they form connections and ties that aggregate into networks. Most social media platforms freely share publicly posted messages and content. NodeXL can collect and analyze social media messages to extract information on who connected to whom. These links (also called ties or "edges") can be aggregated to analyze streams of Tweets, posts, messages, and comments.

Where can I learn more about social media network analysis?

A good starting point is a report from Pew Research:

Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community Clusters

Network Mapping the Ecosystem
A short video about social media network analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDiGl-2m868

Why is my name or message in a NodeXL Graph Gallery report?

Many NodeXL networks are created from connections extracted from public social media data sources. If your message or name is visible on a NodeXL Graph Gallery page that means it was included in a public collection of messages that were analyzed by a NodeXL user.

How do I remove my name or message from a report hosted in the NodeXL Graph Gallery?

Please complete this form to request the removal of content from the NodeXL Graph Gallery.
Your Name:*
Your email address:*
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Your username as it appears in the report:*
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I forgot my NodeXL Graph Gallery password - how do I get it reset?reset?

Forgot Password

How do I create a NodeXL network and upload it?

In the NodeXL application see:

NodeXL>Data>Export>To NodeXL Graph Gallery

How do I download a data set that has been posted to the NodeXL Graph Gallery?

At the bottom of many NodeXL Graph Gallery detail pages are links to the data set.

NodeXL users may optionally upload the workbook containing the network data displayed.

NodeXL users may optionally upload the GraphML file containing the network data displayed.

The data set I downloaded from the NodeXL Graph Gallery will not open - how do I fix that?

See: https://www.connectedaction.net/trust-issues-and-excel-how-to-open-other-peoples-nodexl-documents/

Where can I learn more about NodeXL (including installation problems)?

See the NodeXL FAQ on the Social Media Research Foundation site.

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