corporal punishment in Africa, YouTube, 9/13/2023 12:22:08 PM, 292448

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YouTube Users corporal punishment in Africa
YouTube Users corporal punishment in Africa
Uploaded on:
September 13, 2023
Short Description:
corporal punishment in Africa via NodeXL

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The graph represents the network of YouTube videos whose title, keywords, description, categories, or author's username contain "corporal punishment in Africa". The network was obtained from YouTube on Wednesday, 13 September 2023 at 06:09 UTC.

The network was limited to 50 videos.

There is an edge for each user who comented an a video.

The graph is directed.

The graph's vertices were grouped by cluster using the Clauset-Newman-Moore cluster algorithm.

The graph was laid out using the Fruchterman-Reingold layout algorithm.

Overall Graph Metrics
Vertices : 1409
Unique Edges : 1363
Edges With Duplicates : 155
Total Edges : 1518
Self-Loops : 48
Reciprocated Vertex Pair Ratio : 0
Reciprocated Edge Ratio : 0
Connected Components : 20
Single-Vertex Connected Components : 4
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component : 1052
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component : 1141
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter) : 12
Average Geodesic Distance : 5.429
Graph Density : 0.000705186624943545
Modularity : 0.855624
NodeXL Version :

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